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Compare Lending: 5 Tips for Cheap Loan Terms

When you take out a loan, costs are incurred in the form of interest. How high the lending rates are depends not only on economic aspects but above all on your financial situation. Although, as a borrower, you can not directly influence the level of interest rates, there are certain things you can do to get credit terms that are as cheap as possible. In the following we have summarized 5 tips for you:

1. Ensure a good credit rating

The amount of interest depends, among other things, on the creditworthiness of the person wishing to take out the loan. Accordingly, it is important that you keep an eye on your credit rating. For this you can, for example, inquire at the (protection association for general credit protection) and request information about your own creditworthiness. This gives you an overview of your credit score and what entries were made at the . If incorrect information is stored, you should have it deleted if possible. It is generally helpful for a good credit rating if you have always paid your bills on time in the past. In addition, you should make sure that you do not ask unnecessarily many loan applications, but initially only ask the credit terms. Such a request has no effect on your credit score – it is “neutral”.

2. Choose the right runtime

Before you take out a loan, it is always advisable to draw up a detailed budget. Face your expenses against your earnings. After deducting all expenses, you should have enough money left to easily repay the monthly installments of your loan. So get an overview of how much money you’ll actually get at the end of the month. The loan amount and term should then be chosen so that there is enough financial scope. Our loan calculator can help you get an idea of ​​how much the monthly installments can be, depending on how the loan amount and maturity change. Note that the rate of installments is lower for a longer duration. The annual percentage rate of charge, on the other hand, is lower if you repay the loan in a short time. At this point, you should weigh exactly what is most favorable in your situation and what you can afford.

3. Indicate the correct purpose

When you apply for a loan, you are asked to select a purpose for the loan. The indication of the purpose of use may also have a positive effect on interest costs. Assuming you want to buy a car, be sure to include “car” as the purpose of your loan. In this case, the car purchased is a security for the bank. If the borrower is unable to pay the loan installments, the bank could sell the car and keep the proceeds. For banks, the risk here is therefore not quite so high, which is why they often offer cheaper lending rates for loans with purpose.

4. Get a second borrower on board

When applying for credit, you can also choose to specify another borrower. This can be worthwhile for two reasons. A second borrower can not only provide better credit terms, but also increase your overall likelihood of acceptance. Especially if your own credit rating or your own income are not so high, a second borrower can have a positive impact. For the lending bank, this is ultimately an additional hedge. A second borrower thus reduces the risk of defaults, which is why the bank usually also offers cheaper lending rates here.

5. Compare loan offers from different banks

In addition to the above points, it makes sense to compare different banks and their loan offers . This is even possible online via comparison portals. This allows you to compare the terms of various loan offers at a glance without having to visit various bank branches. In addition, you have the advantage that you can inform yourself about the terms of the loans without negatively affecting your score. In addition, comparison portals usually offer loans at more favorable terms than the banks themselves. So you can easily obtain an overview of various loan offers with favorable conditions.

So, if you want to borrow at the best possible conditions, you have several options to improve not only your chances of getting a loan, but also the loan terms. The most important thing, however, is to pay attention to your creditworthiness. If you always pay your bills on time and you also pay attention to a balanced budget, you create a good basis for favorable credit conditions.

Soft Ride – “Burgundy”

Artist: Soft Ride

Album: «Burgundy» (2017)

Record company: Apollon Records

Image result for Soft Ride band

Much rain leads to a lush fauna. The green grows greener and the fragrances become more intense than in more sunny areas. Take a trip to Bergen on a rainy summer day and you will understand what I’m writing about. All the rain clearly also means that the culture flourishes more strongly in Bergen than elsewhere in the country. Soft Ride has more powerful colors than anything else currently given (something that becomes clear when looking at the cover art of the album). On the other hand, in the press, I now see that the record is recorded in Oslo, so so much for that intro.

Genre? Solskinnspoppsykedelia. Are there any associations with The Soundtrack of Our Lives of these, perhaps because vocalist Arne Håkon Tjelle looks as if he could be the son of Ebbot? Tjelle is by the way a vocalist in the blood band Bloody Beach daily.

Øystein Braut from Electric Eye is the band’s second main member and songwriter. It is also he who has produced the record. His signature guitar is lubricated throughout the release. And like most releases that have roots in the music environment in Bergen, Soft Ride has also received musical contributions from people in bands like The Megaphonic Thrift , Misty Coast , Electric Eye and Dig Deeper .

«Burgundy» is a perfect Sunday plate. A plate to chillaxe to. A sunny day with the blinds on glow. Birdwatches outside. The amplifier and speakers are recorded and warm. You can add a little extra with the volume. You are home alone. You are sitting in the sweet spout on the couch, in the middle of the speakers for the speakers that are inclined towards you with the tweeters at the ear level.

Possible reference is complete off here, but I’m thinking of Scottish Cosmic Rough Riders, who released the glorious album “Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine” in 2000 on Alan McGee’s new album Poptones, which was established in the wake of Creation Records ‘ collapse . “Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine” is of course not streaming, but some have posted single cuts on youtube. For example, search for the song “Melanie” or “The Gun Is not Loaded”.

Same can it be «Burgundy» is the summer’s summer plate in my book. Do not really think it’s possible to listen to this album without wearing sunglasses. It’s catchy and psychedelic, but never astonishing. As good as all the songs have strolling pace, a bottom guitar and a lot of details on top. Lapsteal, wear guitars. Orgel Brus. Koringer and much on the go in the soundtrack. Congas. Shakers and tambourines. It sounds juicy, loud and high-resolution, while there is a red-orange veil across the entire production. Stone solide matters this.


Toy Savoy – “Clean Floors”

Artist: Toy Savoy

Let: Clean Floors (2017)

Record company: Ikenai! Records

Related image

I’ve said it before, and say it again: they have something going on in the Trondheim tracts. And then I do not think primarily about the primary industry. Nope. In the last few years there has been a flow of interesting bands from there. And then I do not think about Åge, Motorpsycho or Tysland. I am thinking primarily of bands picked up by the finely labeled Riot Factory .

Toy Savoy sounds very loud at home at Riot Factory with its delicious, soft-psychedelic sound. I’m thinking of Panda Panda and maybe a little on Gold Celeste. They also have a bit of The Elephant Six Collective charm.

The melody line on “Clean Floors” is to die for. Vokalen has a wonderful jazzfreaking at times, as it goes down a halftone. Toy Savoy can do this with dynamics too, sometimes with hassles and breaks. Sea-minded organ breaks through the whole song. Feel good stuff this. In pure enthusiasm, I checked out Toy Savoy’s previous single, “Morning”, which is also on stream services now. Not surprisingly, it was also a must. This gang here really is not back for anyone. On the contrary. It sounds extremely habitable to be debutants.

The song is recorded in the Støy studio in Trondheim and mixed by Thomas Gregussen.


Espen Reinertsen – “Spying”

Artist: Espen Reinertsen

Let: “Spying” (2017)

Record company: SusannaSonata

Related image

Espen Reinertsen is a guy with a lot of iron in the fire. If you are going to live as a sakosfonist in 2017, you should be happy to have salt in your food. Reinertsen plays in Christian Wallum Red Ensemble , Erik Nylanders Orchestra, Heidi Skjerve Quintet, Koboku Senjû, Streifenjunko, The Espen Reinertsen Organic Jukebox and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra .

But this is his solo project. And it’s not jazz. It is, as the press-written correctly defines: organic electronics. Striking acoustic drums stroll quietly while synth arpeggio flags over Reinertsen vocals. Kraftwerk in the turns here, but instead of gebrew German / English, Reinertsen is singing in Norwegian with its bright and comfortable voice. The lyrics are of the poetic sort but with a slim humor in the bottom. “Today is the day I have to be spy / whisper my spying skills and set my old cryptographer / dress me in gray and disappear in the crowd.”

“Spying” is surprisingly addictive . It is by the way a simple composition, but as we all know, genius often lies in the ability to limit itself.
However, this is not Reinertsen’s debut. The album “Forgaflingspop” has been a “secret” release, and is found on streaming services, but that album is somewhat more introverted in the phrase and has some more arty sound karaoke. Productionally, the record has the same kind of materiality, and is exceptionally delicious to listen to in a little expensive headphone.

In my crooked head, this song has the potential to become a never so small underground hot. The song could have been released 30 years ago, or about 10 years – for that matter. “Spying” is so esoteric and as timeless as synth-based music can be. I had not laughed at an eyelid if this song had been found on the collection ” Maskindans – Norsk Synth 1980-1988 “. The only thing that reveals the song is the production quality. It did not sound as juicy as this time then.

The album “Night Synthesis” comes in August. I’m looking forward to.


deLillos “The Brain Is Alone”

Image result for deLillos

In the series with presentations of Norwegian album classics in the yellow zone at Deichmanske Hovedbibliotek, we will visit Lars Lillo-Stenberg and Jørn Christensen on Thursday 15 June, in conversation with Kent Horne, to talk about DeLillos’ “Brain is Alone.” We have asked 4 music mediators about their relationship with this bauta of a double album.

What is your relationship with “The brain is alone”?

To me, deLillos means band more than what individual albums do. I think they are completely raw and deliver time and again from the disc and the stage. In addition, there are so many songs on various releases that have been important to my entry to Oslo. After over 20 years in the capital, I still associate districts, places, streets, parks, moods with songs of DeLillos. I have a special relationship with the music and the songs have been affixed in a totally unique way.

I really discovered “The brain is alone” only after “Next summer” came out in 1993. I was fascinated by the predecessors “Suser departed ” and “Before was it fun with snow”, especially Tough in pajamas and S’il vous plaît , they was funny and funny, but I was too young to understand how good the albums really were. In the village where I grew up, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, AC / DC and Metallica went more than deLillos in the late 80’s. And then the green and the British came and took over. But on a autumn night last year, I heard Chef Tor from “Next Summer” and was torn by the rifle, the vowel, the text. It inspired me to listen properly to the previous albums. I was completely put out of the title track, the brain is alone . A bit anxious. It was damn scary, the whole soundtrack, the kind of horror movie-like guitar hit, the dark loneliness of the text, as if someone drowned.

“The brain is alone” contains so much different, so many layers. It’s quality in every aspect. It’s a dynamic album that grows the more you listen to it. It’s post-punk to me, I’m digging the varied beaten, the small industrial guitar game, but also the soundtrack and lyrics, which at one moment are happy and uplifting, but in the next gloomy and disgusting. As listeners, you notice that DeLillos challenges themselves, exploring both the album format and its own visions like songwriters, musicians and bands. Øystein Paasche slips straight and the trio seems almost complete.

It’s not easy to draw favorite tracks from the album , but I love the leaning fast song , the joy of Spring , but also the dark, jazza ballads of Beckstrøm, like the Ballad of Kåre and Nelly and Woo Doo , with Sigurd Køhn’s fantastic saxophone game. Or grooved and the heavy guitarist in Waiting for the phone , and the messy rifle and the rhythm of My peanuts are not good .

And the sad, but still so liberating in sleep over the city , the west side’s here comes winter . “If you’re so tired of life that nice weather makes you sit inside, I know how you can, it could be me.” Nice and smart also made an impression, I remember. The uplifting, solidarity in the text, about helping, washing the stairwell and watering flowers, but also the complacency of being just that kind and smart. In addition, the line about reading Dostoevsky in bed, it hit something. I read Mykle’s “The Song of the Red Rubin” in the same period and remember I dreamed of having a bed in an old villa, a loft full of books, plates, a typewriter. There I would have to read, be a kind of safe and secure figure of Ask Burle Foot, yes, nice and smart simply. I have to laugh when I think about it, but such influences had deLillos and the songs on the album, they became a kind of wizard in trying to find themselves in Oslo, or in life as a young boy.


When the deLillos album “The brain is alone” was released, I was two years old. Therefore, I can not tell about the big moment when it was put into the store shelves on the hot spring day in 1989 (as I see it). Nor can I tell that it was an important part of my musical education in the upbringing. I listened to the Jazz radio with my dad, and instead of singing to Sveve over the city , I guess which jazz musicians played the different instruments on the songs we listened to.

But I realized that it was something I missed.

My very first meeting with the album was already in primary school, but my first proper meeting was not until I graduated.

Twelve years ago, deLillos was playing at Norwegian Wood. The band had 20th anniversary this year, in 2005. I worked as a volunteer there, and at that time I was exploring Radiohead’s back catalog. While wondering if “Pablo Honey” was something tess or not, I decided to understand DeLillos – and go to the depths of “The brain is alone.” This album all talked about as the most natural part of their upbringing.

How about Jack Teagarden, I always thought.

But then I realized “The brain is alone” references, I too. I realized that “OK Computer” and “Kid A” were better than “Pablo Honey”, and I realized that “the brain is alone” was important. The tracklines on the title track were another way to express the Thom Yorke song on “Paranoid Android”. So different, but at the same time the same. So strong.

Lars Lillo-Stenberg and Thom Yorke therefore hang together a bit for me – and were in each of their ways, and at the same time important for the musical education I made on my own.


“The brain is alone” is important. A lovely long double album that you can listen to forever. Is it allowed to say a cornucopia? Norway’s answer to “the white album”? Or “Tusk”?

“Lebestift” was probably one of the first songs I heard with DeLillos , think it was like 14-15 years around 91/92 I became aware of the band. As a 10-year-old I had to move from Oslo to Stavanger, and I had no special ties to Oslo anymore than the dialect – nobody would make me speak spell-dialects – I talked like I had learned. Therefore, it became a good revelation to find DeLillos, who became my band, who came from my city and sang on my dialect. With lyrics I could understand and tunes I could like.

I went to the library in Stavanger (Children’s Department!) And borrowed “Brain is alone” on the cassette. Copied it onto the recording tape of course, so I could hear it over and over again.

The record had and still has everything:
Lebestift – the immediate heat
Soar over the city – the dream song
Spring – simple and cute and as I even managed to play on the guitar myself
The brain is alone – took a few years before I realized what it was about, but it made an impression
The ballad about Kåre and Nelly – oh yeah
The fact man – rock n roll
Outcast – as we realized was almost illegal – deLillos had self-censored it on the CD release

.. And all the strange songs in between: Sandwich sandwich , Dark Mathilde , My peanuts …
Hare Krishna mantra: mysterious!

And unbearably beautiful What have you thought in the end.

“The brain is alone” became a companion in confused teenage years , and a record I have always returned to the page. It survived all my identity periods. I would absolutely claim that it is the best deLillos record, and one of the best poppets made in this country.


“The brain is alone” is definitely the deLillos album I’ve heard most about. It will probably be a pretty clear 6th place over the Norwegian album I’ve played the most. When the “brain is alone” came, it was still 80’s, I made music radio at the Student Radio in Bergen and was simply speechless about how good it was to be. Remember, 1989. Not exactly the golden year in Norwegian music. DeLillos was so far ahead and forth, musically speaking, they scratched all the other Norwegian bands, although Raga was more rocky and Pompel & the Pilts were much tougher. But deLillos made music from somewhere else. And then suddenly a whole DOBBELT album came full of nice, harmonious, acidic, weird, rhythmic, intense melancholy … deLillos music. It was not going through the first time I played it and played it on the radio. It was so completely … deLillos. Carnival and epic and slapstick and deep drama at one time. Kåre and Nelly, Peanuts, Voodoo, Parks, Tapping, Phones, The Real Man, Soup Sandwiches. Lovely What have you thought ? And then the title track then. I never imagined that it was possible to make such powerful music in Norwegian. Words and music in a new device. In Norwegian. There was no point in being embarrassed anymore. The brain might not be alone anyway.


Thomas Bratlie Haugland – 5 about books and music

Image result for Thomas Bratlie Haugland

Thomas Bratlie Haugland from Rumble in Rhodes, together with the multi-instrumentalist Marius Ergo and Team Me boss Marius Lord Hagen, has created a musical collective called Insomniac Bears. Thomas explains how it all started and answers questions in our interview series 5 about books and music.

1) What is the last one you read?

Typography – A Manual of Design.
Finally found time to check out this timeless typography book written by pioneer Emil Ruder.
Emil was one of the first to go away from the conventional rules and shapes associated with this art form, setting the standard of innovative thinking in a philosophical perspective.

2) What is your favorite book?

Choose to draw a classic novel: ” The song of the red ruby ” by Agnar Mykle .
This book is a gem in itself, not only for its rude language and vigorous use of metaphors, but also because it takes a basketball with society’s view of sex, togetherness and religion in the 50’s. The book was stamped as impossibly and illegally made a couple of years due to its bold sexual references. But the novel has been important in retrospect for the freedom of expression of Norwegian writers.

3) If you were to start a band with an author, which would it be?

I have actually started a band with the author and Lo-Fi-Pop Prince Magnus Moriarty . Together with the multi-instrumentalist Marius Ergo and Team Me boss Marius Lord Hagen, we have created a musical collective called Insomniac Bears. It all started when Moriarty called this crew to an evening in the studio to record a song for the annual summer cassette released on his label. But the evening ended up so full of inspiration and glow that we could have written both “Use Your Illusion 1, 2, 3 and 4″. This is one evening I will remember the rest of my life and we quickly decided to make a solid constellation out of it.

4) What can we expect from Insomniac Bears in the future?

One can expect a starving musical collective with distinctions to a new expressive territory without compromising on pulse and energy. Our songs are continuous, seductive and beautifully behaved. At the same time, they are clearly brave and brave. Really genuinely, those who are waiting for a new Rumble in Rhodes, Team Me, Magnus Moriarty or Ergo will be disappointed. The interesting thing here is the explosions that occur between us in the previously unexplored cooperation. The musical properties merge our signatures and establish common ground and a new direction. The expression is shaped in full musical freedom and can be described as surplus indie or artpop with a folky vibb and scandinavian chill. After a year of songwriting and experimentation here in Oslo, we traveled to the country’s coolest studio Ocean Sound Recordings on the snapback Giske and recorded our first songs. Here, things really got loose and we are looking forward to sharing new music soon.

5) What is your favorite album?

It will not be possible for me to cook it all down to an album on my mind. Ask me again when I reach 70 years and have reflected my life. Meanwhile .. here is a list of albums that have been extremely important to me:

Fugazi – End Hits (Dischord)
Gang of Four – Entertainment! (EMI)
Talking Heads – 77 + Remain in Light (Sire)
The Cure – Disintegration (Fiction)
Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation (Geffen)
David Bowie – Low (RCA)
Kraftwerk – The Man Machine (Kling Klang)
John Coltrane – My Favorite Things (Atlantic)
Tortoise – TNT (Thrill Jockey)
Prince – Prince (Warner Bros)
Elliott Smith – XO + Either / Or (Domino)
CocoRosie – Gray Oceans (Sub Pop)
Les Savy Fav – Go Forth (Frenchkiss)
Deerhoof – Friend Opportunity (Kill Rock Stars)
Blonde Redhead – Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons (Touch and Go)
The Walkmen – Bows + Arrows (Record Collection)
Wild Nothing – Empty Estate (Bella Union)
Q and Note U – Different Damage (Dischord)
Lord We Go Magic – A Different Ship (Secretly Canadian)
Deerhunter – Microcastle / Weird Era Continued (4AD)
Tame Impala – Currents (Fiction)
Or Montreal – Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? (Polyvinyl)
Animal Collective – Strawberry Jam (Domino)
Darkside – Psychic (Matador)
Caribou – Swim (Merge)
Jamie xx – In Color (Young Turkish)
Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma (Warp)
Radiohead – Kid A (Capitol)
Modest Mouse – The Moon & Antarctica (Epic)
Jimmy Eat World – Clarity (Big Wheel Recreation)
Pinback – Blue Screen Life (Cutty Shark)
The Postal Service – Give Up (Sub Pop)
Refused – Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent (Burning Heart)
At the Drive-in – Relationship of Command (Grand Royal)
Hot Snakes – Suicide Invoice (Swami)
Metallica – Master of Puppets (Elektra)
Guns N’Roses – Appetite for Destruction (Geffen)
Nirvana – Nevermind (DGC)
Black Sabbath – Paranoid (Vertigo)


The Chairs – “Gary’s Philosophy”

Artist: The Chairs

Plate: «Gary’s Philosophy» (1997)

Record Company: Mayonnaise Records

In the autumn of 1996 I lived in Oslo and tried to study at Blindern. Somewhat randomly I ended up at a concert at a luguber place on Grünerløkka. The band has The Chairs and was clearly from Stavanger.

I also saw the drummer (Janka) in the plate shop in Pedersgaten. He was a thin little guy – but played hard. Otherwise, the band consisted of a toy on guitar and song (Vidar) and a powerful guy with bass guitar bass (Gary). I immediately fell for the music – lovely pop melodies – but with good doses fuzz and futt.

After Christmas my career at Blindern was over and I had moved to Stavanger. I found The Cairs again on Cement, – now they had printed their debut album on their own company (Majones Records), yellow with black writing and a hard contrast image. It had the sounding name “Gary’s Philosophy” and that was because Gary had paid for the printing of the record. I bought my items. at Kippers in Pedersgaten and the seaman “Christopher Bell” also followed.

“Gary’s Philosophy” was quickly called on one of my favorites, and it’s still. I’ve been waiting for the record industry to roll over it every year and publish a CD version – like singles as a bonus track – but for some reason this has not happened yet (Kippers, CCAP, what do you think?) . Tragic – it’s really a rock bite from the oil capital. Fuzz guitar pop – brilliant melodies, tough performed with proper rock sound.


Suburban Savages – “Kore Wa!”

Artist: Suburban Savages

Album: «Kore Wa!» (2017)

Record label: Apollon Records Prog

Image result for Suburban Savages

It’s a fact that listening to too much music makes you listen to prog or jazz. There is something extra stimulating in listening to music that does not go in 4 levels. That does not start with refreng and that stops after three to four minutes. More exploratory sound images. Certainly with some semi-separate instrumentation.

Suburban Savages is the solo project of Trond Gjellum, most known as drummer in the progrorkester with the unlikely teite name Panzerpappa . At “Kore Wa!” He has received relief from old acquaintances. People from the bands Ghost Karaoke, White Willow , Weserbergland , Fraction Distraction and Now’ve Got Members .

Suburban Savages should be able to appease fans of the Sunderland band Field Music . Educated expression, precisely done, tight compositions. Multi-voice song (occasionally). Flutes. Much curling of toner on synthesizer etc.

But there are record colleagues in Wesenbergland offering for the uninitiated, possibly tightening the Suburban Savages grip. The accused British pronunciation (As I’m dying) annoys, but old Peter Gabriel phrases are hardly dislike in this environment. When I listen to Suburban Savages, I see that there are filmed copies of Tolkien books and striking in the studio.

The album will be released June 9th. Suburban Savages is releasing “Kore Wa!” On MIR June 10th.


Emilie Storaas – “Withches”

Artist: Emilie Storaas

Single: Witches / Life On The Run (2017)

Record label: Ear Fonogram

Ear Fonogram is an exciting newcomer of a label here country. The small record company has an artist profile that can best be defined as “young jazz educated makes smart hifi pop music”. Earlier, we have reviewed the finely-orchestrated Fieldfare, which is given by the Early Phonogram.

Emilie Storaas got a flying start on her career when one of her songs was used in the NRK series “Young Promising.” She has reportedly also woken up great atgaum during Trondheim Calling 2017.

Storaas, in any event, wakes up in the unusual headphones (Sony MDR 1A), where her soft, round voice sneaks into the ear canals in an exceptionally comfortable way. She uses just the right air and stays on vocal exercises – just the way we like it. Focusing on message line, phrase and amount of air is what’s going on. Everything else can be thrown on the boat. Now it is said that her voice sounds like it has a good starting point. Singing pure for her is probably not like pouring water out of a rock. Her voice sounds natural, effortless and soft, soft, soft. Storaas has the rich Billie Holiday way of singing, but perhaps lacks the holiday’s omnipotent sadness at the bottom. The holiday copywriter Madeliene Peyroux is also relevant in this regard.

“Witches” is the quietest of the two songs. The tracked string looks round and above the melody line in a captivating and delicious way.
“Life On The Run” does not surprise the title taken into account – higher pace. It also has a little more wooden taste. Refrenget feels a bit easy-bought, but in the middle of time the song stops and smashing blowers throw a bucket of jazz into the mix. Saxophones in flight! Nicely incorporated, not unlike Herman Wildhagens ‘Tell Them’ . The bass game passes through with small, nice details here and there.

Both songs are pretty fine. I honestly do not know which one I like best. It will be a little, if not exactly Sophie’s Choice, so at least quite difficult to choose. Yes, thanks, both.

The two singles will be released on June 9th.


Sturle Dagsland – «Blossoming»

Artist: Sturle Dagsland

Let: «Blossoming» (2017)

Record label: None

Related image

There is a lot of good music in Norway at the time, but often you know as well as what you get in terms of all genres, without being negative, as long as the music is good, it’s more than enough. There are indeed some exceptions to the rule, and Sturle Dagsland is definitely an exception.

“Hi! My name is Sturle Dagsland and is an artist from Stavanger, ” so opens the email from Sturle. Another singer-songwriter, I think (nothing freaking out with singer-songwriters, by all means), this email I will be able to pass on to one of our writers who are more versed in the genre than myself, I think further. That thought I quickly get into my mind when I read the next episode of the mail: Blossoming and the upcoming EP have been taken up in auditing unique places, including abandoned industrial areas in Russia, Soviet navy ships in Eastern Europe, concentration camps in Germany, lighthouses in the North Sea, and on sledges with wolf dogs north of the Polar Circle.

Hmm, what’s this? An unavailable conspiracy of avant-garde-arctic experimentation? My prejudices “work at high levels”. I click on the Spotify link and think again: “what’s this? This time, with the music of Sturle Dagsland on my ears, I’m considerably more positively tuned, I’m simply rocked with big B, nothing less.

The term “blossoming” is complicated, but available. The composition is comfortable and intense – with vocals and tones that can scare the water by anyone. “Blossoming” changes him relatively frequently through the memorable minutes cut lasts. Sturle Dagsland moves across a wide musical scale, without being dragged into a culinary combination of different styles. I’m sitting as the feather of the all-round sound.

It’s very rare signature citing presswriting to describe / report music but this time I make an exception and round this experimental review by quoting the writing as it describes “Blossoming” better than I can knock down here and now : Through an adventurous spirit and a progressively alternating instrumentation, Sturle Dagsland creates a unique, expressive and dynamic sound image dominated by Sturle’s homeless innovative voice. He touches both modern, folk-traditional and primitive vocal expressions in a cruel fusion of frenetic screams, angelic songs, hymns, johik and thong singing away from references and embark on a journey into another world.