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Astrosaur should blame fans of Motorpsycho

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Astrosaur should definitely appease fans of Motorpsycho, we write in our review of debut album and trill a femmer on the dice. On Friday 26th of May, Astrosaur will release release for the debut album “Fade In // Space Out” at Krøsset in Oslo. The tracks were originally made to work in a live set. The idea was to create a coherent work that brought the listener on a sonic journey, through time and space, and through different styles and moods, linked by a whole through the concert, Astrosaur reports. On Friday the 26th of May you can experience live live Krøsset in Oslo. You have to bring it to you!

The only guitar trio format gives the members a big playroom musical set:

“We dig to fill the room with a lot of amplifiers, harsh effects and big drums and just pushe the limits of what we can do with our instruments. It gives a huge sense of freedom. No matter how to organize a band, the vocalist will always be the one who gets the most attention. It never goes wrong. The most important role of instrumentalists is to back the vocalist and never get in the way of text and melody. We would not have anything in Astrosaur. We wanted a band where all members are equal and where music can speak for themselves so we did not want a diva. In Astrosaur we can all be Divaer. “- Steinar Glas


Take the trip to Krøsset in Oslo on 26 May. Warm up with debut plate . Monstereo is support.