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Haakon Ellingsen – “What would happen in Dakar”?

“What would happen in Dakar” is not to be found on the newly released album of Haakon Ellingsen, “We’re warming up now.” Musically speaking, this is the last song from Haakon’s sessions with Andreas Mjøs from Jaga Jazzist.

Do we hear some Beatles here? A little Roy Orbison – with its “big to minor” progressions? Nevertheless, a nice and catchy pop song for a long and hot summer in Norway’s glass country, featuring a subtle sound image, writes Haakon in an email to me, giving us a touch of how the music landscape “What would happen in Dakar” is located. The expression, as Hakon points out, is subtle.

So let’s not find the newly released long play record “We’re Warming Now”. And since none of us in the editors has caused us to listen to the new album to Haakon Ellingsen, I sent the following mail to Haakon: Like, let’s tell you how this song is relative to the rest of the album?

– Yes, the soundtrack reminds me of the rest of the album: Producer Andreas Mjøs (Jaga Jazzist) is due to “his own line” where he likes to strip it down and sound it in his own way. Is there just a perc on the record, no drums.

Source of inspiration
– This is the most Beatles-inspired song in this series (chords, vocals, melody, groove) … Beatles learned some tricks of Roy Orbison and I think about the period 1962-64.

The text
– This text is made in an apartment in Oslo, while much of the other is on tour (Argentina, Chile, Lisbon, Eidskog at the Swedish border …). A little bit of Beatles-like song that you could probably arrange so it sounded really early 60’s, but then we did not … I thought it was a little different from what came on the (LP) disc, so it’s becoming released as single. We also had a bit of space problems.

– Here is a video where I and Gaute Storsve played at a very nice event organized by Sofar Sounds Oslo. September September is from the last mentioned album that came earlier this spring. It’s about a break that happens in the fall of September, which appears to be a double sentence for something that’s over.


Over to “What would happen in Dakar?” Hang in the hammock a lazy summer day and let a cool breeze cool down while Haakon Ellingsen sings about Mohama, writing our reviewer on the album “Bounty” . The same description is given to Haakon Ellingen‘s new song “What would happen in Dakar?”. Enjoy.