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Single Review: Kristian Torgalsen – “No One Told You”

Artist: Kristian Torgalsen

Let: “No One Told You” 

The song is strictly built over the same chords as Stevie Wonder ‘s “Easy” , but it may be okay. “No One Told You” is a remodeled song, a real great initiative to be a debutant. Torgalsen is produced by Martin Horntveth and has bought strings from Macedonia. The song is nice and delicious soft rock with an eim of 70’s. FM rock. It is oh so beautiful.

Kristian Torgalsen has a robust voice, one hears the quality immediately . There is some John Mayer- like here, which probably shows the dollar signs the eyes of the big record bosses. Some have interrogated Dennis Wilson ‘s Pacific Ocean Blue. The torgalsen seems a bit smoother, at least in the first part. Possible album offers more width.

Here is an artist of such fierce caliber that he is pulled straight up in the premier division without qualification in the lower divisions. With him on the team, he has some of the heaviest shooting on a Norwegian scene, just check this gang: David Wallumrød, Amund Maarud, Martin Windstad, Olaf Olsen, Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen and Martin Horntveth. This whole project reminds us of the studio project Band of Gold last year. It also came a bit out of the blue and PANG – super-established, and played, or rather: performed the debut album at Øya’s Main Scene.

But such is the case with great talents like this. Michael Kiwanuka also debuted with quite a costly production. Julian Berntzen from Bergen played in the Grieghallen with the Philharmonic in his back one week after he had dragged his first chord on a Norwegian scene (an exaggeration, but practically). But something special is needed to make progress in this career. And Kristian Torgalsen has something special. His voice feels very solid. “No One Told You” is not a breakup just, but it has been performed genre practice, clever and delicious, as mentioned. It is not a hairdresser in Norway who changes the channel when this song comes on. It’s also a bit of a joy, but still has some kind of timeless quality. You must not always have disharmony. Or resistance. But the danger of it is that it slides as easily into one ear as it glides out of the other.