5 reasons you should check out a country music festival shared by Travis Collins

With nearly two decades of recording and live performance experience, eight Golden Guitar Awards (including 2021 Male Artist of the Year) and seven studio albums to his name, Travis Collins is a certified star of the Australian country music scene.

Alongside his success at the Golden Guitars, Travis has also won four CMC Awards (two-time Male Artist of the Year) while being nominated for Best Country Album at the ARIA Awards (2018, 2020).

Earlier this year, Travis released single ‘One Of Them Nights’, his first new music since 2020’s ‘Wreck Me’ album. “It’s an unmistakable feeling when you KNOW it’s going to be a night to remember.

“[‘One Of Them Nights’ is] about those rare “royal flush” nights where everything falls your way. The right people, in the right place. Turn the night into memories for life.

“You can’t quite put your finger on what it is, but there’s something magical in the air. As the chorus goes, sometimes it’s just ‘one of these times it’s alright, one of those things, one of those nights.”

Set to support Midland on their Australian tour in December as well as a regular country music festival performer, and ahead of his appearance at Groundwater Country Music Festival 2022 on the Gold Coast later this month, Travis here shares five reasons why which you should check out a county irl music festival.

1: Country Music Is Much More Than You Expected

Country music these days is far from the one-dimensional cliché with which it is often confused and candidly portrayed by the uninformed.

Country artists are consistently topping mainstream sales charts, breaking theater attendance records and fueling incredibly fast-growing festival and touring scenes around the world, especially here in Australia.

It is perhaps the largest genre umbrella in existence, under which many, many subgenres and communities thrive in their creative and sonic individuality and identity. Spend more than a few minutes diving into some streaming platform playlists and you’ll quickly realize that there are plenty of branches on that tree, and there’s sure to be a few for you.

The same goes for attending a country music festival; I dare say you would be hard pressed to find a wider range of artists, sounds, subjects and performances.

Several times in my career, I’ve been met by enthusiastic music lovers after a show saying, “I don’t like country music, but I like what you just did.” I take it with as much appreciation as frustration, but I always enthusiastically respond, “Well, you like country music.”

They say a listener should be ready for country music; it may take a little longer to find you, but when it does, he doesn’t let go. I really feel that.

2: The fan community

The most common thing I hear from new fans is how amazed they are to meet like-minded people. Friendly, salt of the earth, from all walks of life, who end up becoming great friends for life.

It’s in the campsites, side by side in the crowd, or the queue at the bar – but strangers meet, get along, then come back to this festival every year, either together or at least in looking to catch up, or expand their team, or camping. I see this ALL the time.

It’s a true testament to the average country fan’s desire to meet people and form lasting friendships. It is also a common thread in the music. No coincidence.

3: Location Location Location

More often than not, a country music festival will take place against a ridiculously beautiful backdrop. Groundwater Country Music Festival, for example, on the beautiful beach of Broadbeach and its surroundings.

There are others in picturesque state forests, on tropical islands, in hinterland cities covered with red earth, on the banks of rivers, lakes, in cities, on the plains. All offering incredible open spaces and atmosphere that will make you wonder “how is the serenity?”.

4: The desire of artists to connect

I’m a little biased on this, but I really think that at the heart of every country artist is first and foremost a country fan. For this reason, country artists are some of the most accessible, giving and connecting with their fans.

In most cases, most will actually engage in conversation, take the time to hear from you, happily take a photo with you, and take a genuine interest in you – especially if you’re polite and don’t disturb their space. and their time.

In the case of Australian artists, most of us manage our own social media accounts and will respond to fans personally when appropriate.

5: Incredible emerging local talent

Here in Australia, the genre is in the global hands of a seemingly ever-evolving group of incredible local artists. Check out Sarah Berki, Blake O’Connor, Melanie Dyer, The Buckleys, James Johnston to name a few.

Groundwater Country Music Festival is free and takes place in Broadbeach (Gold Coast) from October 28-30.

Groundwater Country Music Festival 2022 Lineup

Andrew Farriss
Tami Neilson
Andrew Swift
Jayne Denham
The Viper Creek Band
Chloe Styler
Montgomery Church
Hayley Marsden
Bella Mackenzie
Max Jackson
Bud Rokesky
Michael Carpenter and the Banks Brothers
Rex G Miller
Rae Leigh
sharp dane

Who join the already announced:

Fanny Lumsden
travis collins
Brooke McClymont and Adam Eckersley
Catherine Britt
Gina Jeffreys
Kirsty Lee Akers
Kaylee Bell
dan davidson
Hayley Jensen
Kristy Cox
Andy Golledge
Lachlan Bryan and nature
Open season band
XO southbound
Cass Hopetoun
Raechel Whitchurch
Dixie Whistle
Abbie Ferris
Freight train foxes
DJ Colonel’s Country Music Chalet

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