‘Beauty and the Beast’ special adds ‘Santa Claus’ actor and country music superstar to already impressive cast

It seems like just yesterday that fans saw a tale as old as time. However, it’s actually been 30 years since Disney released one of its most popular animated films of all time – The beauty and the Beast. The beauty and the Beast starred Paige O’Hara as Belle, Robby Benson as The Beast, Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Potts, and Jerry Orbach as Lumiere. The beauty and the Beast was so successful that Disney made a live-action remake in 2017, starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Ewan McGregor.

Credit: Disney

To celebrate 30 years of the Oscar-winning film, ABC – which is owned by Disney – will air a special in December. The film will be a combination of live action and animation and will star singer HER as Belle.

It is now reported that other big names will make appearances in the special. According The Hollywood Reporter, Martin Short, David Alan Grier and Shania Twain will join the cast. By The Hollywood Reporter:

The Dec. 15 special, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Best Picture in Motion Picture nomination — the first animated feature to win the honor — added Martin Short, David Alan Grier, Shania Twain, Rizwan Manji, Jon Jon Briones and Leo Abelo Perry at his cast. They join an ensemble led by Grammy-winning HER as Belle and Josh Groban as Beast; Joshua Henry also stars and Rita Moreno will narrate the special.

Only the Murders in the Building Short star will play Lumière. Tony Grier (A Solider’s Play, The Patient) winner will play Cogsworth, while Grammy winner and country music star Twain will play Mrs. Potts and Perry her son, Chip. Manji (Schitt’s Creek) plays Gaston’s (Henry) sidekick, LeFou, and Briones (Ratched) will play Belle’s father, Maurice.

The beauty and the Beast

Credit: Disney

This is country music star Shania Twain’s first time working with Disney, but Grier and Short have been members of the Disney family for years.

Grier has starred in a number of Disney movies and TV shows, including Angels in the Outfield, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, The Muppets’ Wizard of Ozand The proud family.

Short film in the hit Disney movie Christmas Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause, where he played Jack Frost, the Christmas villain who tries to steal the role of Santa Claus. He also currently stars in the hit Hulu series – Hulu is also owned by Disney – Only murders in the building alongside Steve Martin and the Wizards of Waverly Place starring Selena Gomez.

Santa Claus 3

Credit: Disney

The The beauty and the Beast The 30th anniversary special will air on ABC on December 15 and can be viewed on Disney+ the following day.

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