Best Summer Books of 2022: Classical Music

The Silence of the North: Journeys into Nordic music and culture
by Andrew Mellor, Yale University Press £18.99/$30

The Nordic lands have become a musical powerhouse, from Grieg and Sibelius to Björk and Eurovision winners. Over a decade or more, a passion for all things Norse has led Mellor to explore Norse culture, its folklore and landscapes, the Black Norse mindset, and most importantly, its musical richness.

The war on music: Reclaiming the 20th century
by John Mauceri, Yale University Press £22.00 / $28

Two world wars changed the course of music in the 20th century. Tracing the malignant influence of politics, from Hitler to Stalin, Mauceri shows how music became part of the weaponry of identity. Refugee composers have lost their place in the mainstream and Mauceri argues for a reassessment of those who are forgotten and rejected.

by Steve Reich Hannover Square Press £22.11 / $27.99

Imagine having the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Reich about his music. Here are 19 conversations, simply transcribed as we go along, with other musicians who had a close connection with Reich. They include Jonny Greenwood, Nico Muhly, Stephen Sondheim and Julia Wolfe.

Summer books 2022

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