Billy Eichner reveals why country music star Carrie Underwood blocked him on Twitter

Billy Eichner reveals what made Carrie Underwood block him Twitter. Recently, while appearing on Watch what’s happening live, as noted by Buzzfeed, Eichner opened up about his feud with the country singer. The Bros star explained that the blocking happened because of a joke he made about Underwood liking an anti-mask tweet.

A Twitter follower of Eichner asked if he knew why Underwood blocked him on the social media platform during an episode of WWHL. He replied that it was “Carrie Underwood blocked me on Twitter, which I consider a great honor. It was one of the great emotions of my life.” and made a joke referring to the one of his well-known tracks. Next, he shared his opinion on his reasoning for blocking it.

At the “COVID summit,” Underwood “retweeted a speech about how kids shouldn’t have to wear masks in schools, making his political views known for the first time.” according to Eichner. He was most likely referring to when Underwood came under fire for liking a post from conservative pundit Matt Walsh, who made several false claims regarding the outbreak and opposed mask requirements. The Difficult People star continued, “I guess I made some jokes about it that went viral on Twitter, and she didn’t like it.”

A year has passed since. Eichner caused a stir in August 2021 when he posted a screenshot of Underwood’s Twitter account, which revealed she had blocked him from the site. The block did not bring him down at all, as he wrote on WWHL. He was ecstatic and said, “ICONIC”. apparently pleased with his own comments. Following Underwood’s Twitter controversy, she was blocked from the social networking platform. She has come under fire for liking a video by Walsh in which he claims forcing children to wear masks at school amounts to “child abuse”.

Many fans tweeted their disappointment after learning that Carrie Underwood liked an anti-mask tweet from Matt Walsh, a well-known mask-wearing critic.

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