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Academy of Country Music director Lyn Bowtell said it was “incredibly heartbreaking” to have to remove the pin from the senior class in January 2022, but she thinks it’s the right move. Days away from the 50th Tamworth Country Music Festival, COVID-19 is once again wreaking havoc on the 10-day event, with the Tamworth Services Club announcing the cancellation of all festival performances. The academy’s prestigious course was scheduled to take place in Tamworth for 10 days starting Jan. 4 and provides musicians 18 and over with expert mentorship and career guidance. Bowtell said the academy explored all opportunities, but due to government restrictions and the health and safety of staff and students, they decided to postpone the 2022 senior course until January 2023. a bubble, but it was just a little difficult because our accommodation and our teaching premises are a few kilometers from each other, “she said.” It just seemed to make the most sense for the health and safety of our staff. and our students and also to try to mitigate some losses. “It’s incredibly heartbreaking because of the amount of work my team and I put into everything and we had 29 amazing students coming up and amazing tutors and guest artists coming to talk to our students.” They were going to learn a lot. in the 10 days leading up to the festival. “All students attending in 2022 were offered a position in the 2023 academy. This is the third time since the start of the pandemic that an academy has to be postponed. With Rising COVID-19 across the country, Bowtell said she had “serious concerns” about the January festival, but admitted it was so important that it continue. ” is a very difficult time to plan and it is very difficult to know, “she said.” We have to take into account that, rightly so, people will be reluctant to go out when there are thousands and thousands. thousands of COVID cases in the country. I think whatever it is, we will support it as best we can. I think all the artists are in the same boat – we really want the festival to go on, especially since this is such a special year with the 50th anniversary. is considering attending the Tamworth Country Music Festival to ensure they have received their COVID-19 vaccine booster shot when it is due. He also urged people to preferably participate in outdoor activities. “COVID-19 is very active in our communities. People, especially in an indoor environment, are at high risk of contracting COVID-19, ”he said. “We remind all attendants to continue to practice safe COVID behaviors, including wearing a mask not only indoors, but especially when they cannot properly distance others. “Anyone who is a case, has close contact or who is exhibiting symptoms should not attend.” Dr Durrheim recommended using a rapid antigen test (RAT) before going out, as an added precaution. “Especially if socializing in groups of people or anywhere, it can be difficult to socially distance yourself,” he said. “We encourage festival organizers to have a COVIDSafe plan for the event and to maximize the use of outdoor environments.” The organizers are moving ahead with the plans for the festival.


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