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Emilie Storaas – “Withches”

Artist: Emilie Storaas

Single: Witches / Life On The Run (2017)

Record label: Ear Fonogram

Ear Fonogram is an exciting newcomer of a label here country. The small record company has an artist profile that can best be defined as “young jazz educated makes smart hifi pop music”. Earlier, we have reviewed the finely-orchestrated Fieldfare, which is given by the Early Phonogram.

Emilie Storaas got a flying start on her career when one of her songs was used in the NRK series “Young Promising.” She has reportedly also woken up great atgaum during Trondheim Calling 2017.

Storaas, in any event, wakes up in the unusual headphones (Sony MDR 1A), where her soft, round voice sneaks into the ear canals in an exceptionally comfortable way. She uses just the right air and stays on vocal exercises – just the way we like it. Focusing on message line, phrase and amount of air is what’s going on. Everything else can be thrown on the boat. Now it is said that her voice sounds like it has a good starting point. Singing pure for her is probably not like pouring water out of a rock. Her voice sounds natural, effortless and soft, soft, soft. Storaas has the rich Billie Holiday way of singing, but perhaps lacks the holiday’s omnipotent sadness at the bottom. The holiday copywriter Madeliene Peyroux is also relevant in this regard.

“Witches” is the quietest of the two songs. The tracked string looks round and above the melody line in a captivating and delicious way.
“Life On The Run” does not surprise the title taken into account – higher pace. It also has a little more wooden taste. Refrenget feels a bit easy-bought, but in the middle of time the song stops and smashing blowers throw a bucket of jazz into the mix. Saxophones in flight! Nicely incorporated, not unlike Herman Wildhagens ‘Tell Them’ . The bass game passes through with small, nice details here and there.

Both songs are pretty fine. I honestly do not know which one I like best. It will be a little, if not exactly Sophie’s Choice, so at least quite difficult to choose. Yes, thanks, both.

The two singles will be released on June 9th.