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Espen Reinertsen – “Spying”

Artist: Espen Reinertsen

Let: “Spying” (2017)

Record company: SusannaSonata

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Espen Reinertsen is a guy with a lot of iron in the fire. If you are going to live as a sakosfonist in 2017, you should be happy to have salt in your food. Reinertsen plays in Christian Wallum Red Ensemble , Erik Nylanders Orchestra, Heidi Skjerve Quintet, Koboku Senjû, Streifenjunko, The Espen Reinertsen Organic Jukebox and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra .

But this is his solo project. And it’s not jazz. It is, as the press-written correctly defines: organic electronics. Striking acoustic drums stroll quietly while synth arpeggio flags over Reinertsen vocals. Kraftwerk in the turns here, but instead of gebrew German / English, Reinertsen is singing in Norwegian with its bright and comfortable voice. The lyrics are of the poetic sort but with a slim humor in the bottom. “Today is the day I have to be spy / whisper my spying skills and set my old cryptographer / dress me in gray and disappear in the crowd.”

“Spying” is surprisingly addictive . It is by the way a simple composition, but as we all know, genius often lies in the ability to limit itself.
However, this is not Reinertsen’s debut. The album “Forgaflingspop” has been a “secret” release, and is found on streaming services, but that album is somewhat more introverted in the phrase and has some more arty sound karaoke. Productionally, the record has the same kind of materiality, and is exceptionally delicious to listen to in a little expensive headphone.

In my crooked head, this song has the potential to become a never so small underground hot. The song could have been released 30 years ago, or about 10 years – for that matter. “Spying” is so esoteric and as timeless as synth-based music can be. I had not laughed at an eyelid if this song had been found on the collection ” Maskindans – Norsk Synth 1980-1988 “. The only thing that reveals the song is the production quality. It did not sound as juicy as this time then.

The album “Night Synthesis” comes in August. I’m looking forward to.