Jimmie Allen on His Impact on Country Music: “I Add My Sound”

ABC/Michael Le Brecht II

jimmy allen aims to impact country music with its sound, but doesn’t want to switch genres.

In an interview with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Jimmie described country as “soul music,” especially for people living in poverty or going through a period of struggle.

“Soul is a feeling, soul is an emotion. That’s what makes soulful music. We really write these songs to encourage people who are still living that lifestyle to keep going, to work hard, to stay afloat,” he says, likening music to a “life raft to help people from drowning in that part of life they find themselves in.”

Throughout his career, Jimmie scored three No. 1 singles with “Best Shot”, “Make Me Want To” and a duet with Brad Paisley, “Freedom was a highway”, while mixing genres with his EPs betty james and Bettie James Gold Edition, which present collaborations with nelly, mickey guyton, Tim McGraw and more.

Jimmie says his approach to music is not to change country music, but to elevate it with his own sound.

“I add myself. I add the way I see country music. I add my sound to country music,” he says of his impact. “A lot of people want to say, ‘Change country music, we’re trying to get rid of the bad stuff. No, just adding to the music, that’s how I see it. You don’t change it, you add to it, so eventually when you add to it, it brings out what isn’t supposed to be there anyway.

Jimmie is currently on the road opening for Carrie Underwood on the Denim & Strass tour.

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