Kimberly Kelly shows her reverence for country music on her debut album

Kimberly Kelly. Photo: David McClister

Singer-songwriter Kimberly Kelly will release their first album, I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen, via Show Dog Nashville in partnership with Thirty Tigers on Friday, July 8. The 12-track project is full of country music references and nostalgia, including in its track listing where songs by blacksmiths such as Bob Di Piero, Wynn Varbleand Kent Blazy are featured.

Hailing from Lorena, Texas, Kelly has spent years paying her dues on the Texas and Nashville music scenes. After many years of hard work to get her master’s degree and work full time, she signed her recording contract with Show Dog Nashville last summer.

“It’s not my first rodeo,” Kelly says of her debut on the Show Dog Nashville label. “I worked very hard in Texas before coming to Nashville. I wrote songs, released records, toured the radio and performed every weekend while going to school and working at full-time.

The project is carried out by Brett Tyler, Kelly’s husband and a successful songwriter himself with the #1 hit “Cold Beer Calling My Name” under his belt. Prior to the album’s debut, Kelly released “Summers Like That”, an ode to 90s country summer songs such as “Strawberry Wine”, “Maybe It Was Memphis”, “Keeper of the Stars”, ” Walkaway Joe”, “Neon Moon” and more.

She also released the fun “Blue Jean Country Queen”, featuring Steve Warinerplus a Country Music Hall of Famer cover of “Black Rose” Billy Joe Razor, whom Kelly calls a friend and mentor. The track ends with a voicemail from Shaver.

The title of the album, I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen, is also a nod to Shaver. The abbreviated quote is taken from a story of the iconic songwriter forcing his way into a Waylon Jennings recording session.

According to Shaver, Jennings had attempted to abandon his promise to record some of Shaver’s songs. It was then that Shaver told Jennings, “I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. You’re either going to listen to these songs or I’m going to whip your ass. After the outlaw country star agreed to listen to one of Shaver’s songs, he ended up recording several that ended up on Jennings’ 1973. Hero Honky Tonk album, on which all but one of the songs were written by Shaver.

Inspired by Shaver’s common sense, Kelly named her debut album after the incredible story.

“I landed on the title of this album out of a challenge,” Kelly says. “I was like, ‘Sure. What do I care about?’ I did the music scene in Texas, I spent time in Nashville, and I thought my time was up when I was offered my record deal My husband could keep writing songs and I would be just speech therapist. So I made this album like it was the last one I could have made and the title is my mantra so to speak. I like good songs, and I let the best ones win, may I write it or not. It’s a compilation that I’m proud of and I’m glad people hear it!

I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen will be available everywhere tomorrow (July 8).

I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen List of tracks:
1. “Honky Tonk Town” (Jessi Alexander, Jessie Jo Dillon and Brett Tyler)
2. “Some things have a name” (Bob DiPiero and Troy Johnson)
3. “Summers Like This” (Karyn Rochelle and Bobby Tomberlin)
4. “Why Can’t I” (Bob DiPiero and Karyn Rochelle)
5. “I Remember That Woman” (Kent Blazy, Cindy Blazy and Karyn Rochelle)
6. “Blue Jean Country Queen” with Steve Wariner (Kimberly Kelly, Brett Tyler and Steve Wariner)
7. “Don’t Blame Me” (Ben Danaher and Brett Tyler)
8. “Forget the Alamo” (Don Rollins and Wynn Varble)
9. “Person You Marry” (Kimberly Kelly, Lori McKenna and Brett Tyler)
10. “No thanks (I just got one)” (Dale Dodson and Wynn Varble)
11. “First Fool In Line” (Byron Hill and Tammi Kidd)
12. “Black Rose” (Billy Joe Shaver)

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