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Baku, March 16, AZERTAC

Maestro Niyazi, born August 20, 1912 in Tbilisi in the family of the famous composer of his time Zulfugar Hajibayli (brother of Uzeyir Hajibayli, also a famous composer), is from Choucha.

He is the author of the opera “Khosrov and Shirin” (1942), the “Zagatala suite” (1934), the “Return” (1939), the symphonic works “Valse de concert”, the symphonic mugham “Rast ” (1949), from the “Dance Suite for Symphony Orchestra”, the ballet “Chitra” (1962) based on the works of the Indian writer Rabindranath Tagore (1962) and other musical works.

He prepared new editions of the works “Arshin mal alan (Cloth peddler)”, worked for the Symphony Orchestra of Azerbaijani folk songs (“Khumar oldum”, “Qaragila”, “Ay bari bax”, “Kuchalara su sapmisham “, etc).

Niyazi, one of the authors of the first symphonic works of Azerbaijani music, played an important role in the formation and development of the national symphony.

He was appointed Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Niyazi’s “Concert Waltz”, symphonic works, concertos for orchestra with piano are considered masterpieces of classical music.

Having conducted symphony orchestras in Prague, Berlin, Budapest, Bucharest, New York, Paris, Istanbul, London, Tehran, Beijing, etc., Niyazi made Azerbaijani classical music world famous.

Niyazi left a deep mark on the culture of Azerbaijan and the entire Turkish world, combining both characteristics such as patriotism and humanism, directing works of Azerbaijani, Turkish and foreign composers in different countries , glorifying them all over the world.

Niyazi’s name is always treated with love, both in Azerbaijan and in Turkey.

Maestro Niyazi died on August 2, 1984 in the city of Baku.

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