Maren Morris Shares Her ‘Lunatic Country Music Person’ Costume

Maren Morris embraces her identity as a “country music crazy person” this Halloween, and she’s got just the costume.

The country star, 32, took to Instagram on Thursday (October 27) to share a fake Halloween Spirit costume – part of the new meme trend – from a “country music freak”, in reference to his bad blood with Brittany Aldeanwho was accused of making transphobic comments on her Instagram page earlier this year.

For those who need a reminder, Morris called out Aldean for an Instagram post she made in August in which she thanked her parents for never changing her gender when she went through a tomboy phase. as a young girl. Morris spoke later on Twittercalling Aldean a “scumbag human” for apparently attacking transgender youth.

Aldean then doubled down on his statements and even interviewed the Fox News host Tucker-Carlsonwho called Morris a “country music nut”.

But the “GIRL” singer seems to be having fun with the moniker, sharing the parody costume on her Instagram page on Thursday, with the caption “SPOOKY 🕷 SZ N.”

The costume’s packaging features a witty list of accompanying items, such as “inclusive fans” and “beef with transphobes.”

Many celebrities appeared to have Morris’s back, with many leaving supportive comments, including Pope Cassadeewho also initially condemned Aldean’s transphobic comments, and left a crying and laughing “😂” emoji on Thursday’s Instagram post.

“Genius” More intervened.

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“I’m obsessed with you for this”, singer-songwriter Julia Michaels also wrote.

“That’s the kid costume for me 😂,” one Morris fan pointed out, while someone else wrote, “This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. ”

But it’s not the first time “The Bones” singer has found light in Carlson’s insulting phrase, as she sold “Lunatic country music person” T-shirts and donated the proceeds to Trans Lifeline and Transgender Media Program.

To purchase yours, visit their merchandise website here.

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