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Parents tend to want their child to have a unique, memorable, or meaningful name. Whether it’s an old surname, a beautiful name borrowed from nature, or a rare name with a peculiar spelling, there are thousands of names to choose from. (Here are America’s most popular nature-inspired baby names.)

Some parents, whether they like it or not, may name their child after a musical instrument – like Viola, Bell or Calliope – or choose a name that honors a famous musician. Rock star names like Bowie, Jagger, and Lennon have become popular baby names in recent years, and it’s hard to imagine their prevalence absent their namesake’s notoriety. Lennon, in fact, is one of the top 25 music-inspired baby names (though those others didn’t make the cut this year).

To determine the most popular music-inspired baby names, 24/7 Tempo first looked at 2021 newborn baby name data from the Social Security Administration, then identified the most common names associated with it. to musical instruments and music theory, as well as famous songs or musicians.

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Some of the most popular music-inspired baby names have seen peaks in popularity at the same time a star with that name (like Aaliyah) was at the height of her fame. Others may have gained popularity as a tribute after the death of a beloved artist. Some, like Cecilia, Layla, and Delilah, likely became mainstream due to the success of hit songs with those names. (Here are 25 American names that are popular for the first time.)

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