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Soft Ride – “Burgundy”

Artist: Soft Ride

Album: «Burgundy» (2017)

Record company: Apollon Records

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Much rain leads to a lush fauna. The green grows greener and the fragrances become more intense than in more sunny areas. Take a trip to Bergen on a rainy summer day and you will understand what I’m writing about. All the rain clearly also means that the culture flourishes more strongly in Bergen than elsewhere in the country. Soft Ride has more powerful colors than anything else currently given (something that becomes clear when looking at the cover art of the album). On the other hand, in the press, I now see that the record is recorded in Oslo, so so much for that intro.

Genre? Solskinnspoppsykedelia. Are there any associations with The Soundtrack of Our Lives of these, perhaps because vocalist Arne Håkon Tjelle looks as if he could be the son of Ebbot? Tjelle is by the way a vocalist in the blood band Bloody Beach daily.

Øystein Braut from Electric Eye is the band’s second main member and songwriter. It is also he who has produced the record. His signature guitar is lubricated throughout the release. And like most releases that have roots in the music environment in Bergen, Soft Ride has also received musical contributions from people in bands like The Megaphonic Thrift , Misty Coast , Electric Eye and Dig Deeper .

«Burgundy» is a perfect Sunday plate. A plate to chillaxe to. A sunny day with the blinds on glow. Birdwatches outside. The amplifier and speakers are recorded and warm. You can add a little extra with the volume. You are home alone. You are sitting in the sweet spout on the couch, in the middle of the speakers for the speakers that are inclined towards you with the tweeters at the ear level.

Possible reference is complete off here, but I’m thinking of Scottish Cosmic Rough Riders, who released the glorious album “Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine” in 2000 on Alan McGee’s new album Poptones, which was established in the wake of Creation Records ‘ collapse . “Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine” is of course not streaming, but some have posted single cuts on youtube. For example, search for the song “Melanie” or “The Gun Is not Loaded”.

Same can it be «Burgundy» is the summer’s summer plate in my book. Do not really think it’s possible to listen to this album without wearing sunglasses. It’s catchy and psychedelic, but never astonishing. As good as all the songs have strolling pace, a bottom guitar and a lot of details on top. Lapsteal, wear guitars. Orgel Brus. Koringer and much on the go in the soundtrack. Congas. Shakers and tambourines. It sounds juicy, loud and high-resolution, while there is a red-orange veil across the entire production. Stone solide matters this.