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Suburban Savages – “Kore Wa!”

Artist: Suburban Savages

Album: «Kore Wa!» (2017)

Record label: Apollon Records Prog

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It’s a fact that listening to too much music makes you listen to prog or jazz. There is something extra stimulating in listening to music that does not go in 4 levels. That does not start with refreng and that stops after three to four minutes. More exploratory sound images. Certainly with some semi-separate instrumentation.

Suburban Savages is the solo project of Trond Gjellum, most known as drummer in the progrorkester with the unlikely teite name Panzerpappa . At “Kore Wa!” He has received relief from old acquaintances. People from the bands Ghost Karaoke, White Willow , Weserbergland , Fraction Distraction and Now’ve Got Members .

Suburban Savages should be able to appease fans of the Sunderland band Field Music . Educated expression, precisely done, tight compositions. Multi-voice song (occasionally). Flutes. Much curling of toner on synthesizer etc.

But there are record colleagues in Wesenbergland offering for the uninitiated, possibly tightening the Suburban Savages grip. The accused British pronunciation (As I’m dying) annoys, but old Peter Gabriel phrases are hardly dislike in this environment. When I listen to Suburban Savages, I see that there are filmed copies of Tolkien books and striking in the studio.

The album will be released June 9th. Suburban Savages is releasing “Kore Wa!” On MIR June 10th.