Tamworth Country Music Festival: Troy Cassar-Daley Celebrates 20 Years As Green Champion By Urging Water Wisdom | Great Lakes Defender

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Conserving water is everyone’s business, even in the midst of a flood. That’s according to country music icon and eco-warrior Troy Cassar-Daley. The Golder Guitar winner will mark two decades as the Tamworth Country Music Festival’s sustainability ambassador at the 50th historic event next year. He said things have come a long way since being an 11-year-old Peel Street busker, watching in horror the enormous mess country music fans have left at the end of the 10-day festival. But things can always be greener or more sustainable, he said. “Everyone just had a flood there, so the last thing anyone worries about is the sustainability of the water,” he said. “But there will come a time when it dries up again.” READ MORE: He said the message ran so deeply that during an educational visit in 2018, the children of Tamworth taught him how to conserve water in the shower. “As long as the Riverboy song lasted, it was apparently as long as you were allowed to take the shower,” he said. The festival’s sustainability leader said the campaign has helped divert more than 13 tonnes of recycling from landfills since its inception in 2002. Launching the campaign on Wednesday, he urged individuals to keep Tamworth beautiful. “If you’re coming to Tamworth next month, think about the surroundings when you’re partying,” he said. “Remember to reduce, reuse, recycle and keep our country music capital clean.” The country music star is nominated for Eight Golden Guitars in 2021. He revealed he’s planning a “big old surprise” to make the 50th festival special. “Everyone who gets along normally at my show over there at [Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre] on Thursday they always know they don’t know who is going out. There are always a bunch of artist surprises and stuff, ”he said. Angela Dodson, waste sustainability manager at Tamworth Regional Council, said hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to come to the town for the historic anniversary event. “During the 10 days of the festival, around eight tonnes of recycling is generated, which equates to over half a million aluminum cans,” she said. all festival-goers to use them. Tamworth Regional Council will be making a number of giveaways throughout the festival as part of its “Celebrate Sustainability” campaign. The festival runs from January 14 to 23.


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