Tamworth Services Club Boxes All Entertainment At Tamworth Country Music Festival 2022 As COVID-19 Outbreak Worsens | The head of the daily newspaper in the North

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WITH Tamworth Country Music Festival in a few weeks, one venue has made the heartbreaking decision to cancel all festival entertainment in the face of the growing COVID epidemic in the city. The Tamworth Services Club has canceled all concerts scheduled to take place over the ten days of January, including concerts by multiple gold guitar award-winning Luke O’Shea and Hussy Hicks. Services Group Tamworth CEO Kristian Brooks said he was “very disappointed” but the current health ordinances left “no choice” for the board. “With people wearing masks and the one-person-for-two-square-meter rule, it’s just not sustainable for us,” he told the chief. “The difference between us and a lot of other hospitality places in the city is that we are landlocked, so we have no outside space of any substance to entertain us outside.” Mr Brooks said the density restrictions mean their concerts would be capped at 50% of their usual capacity. “We’re not a big club, so we should have run it with a very limited number of people so it’s not viable, then downstairs our small auditorium can seat around 170 to 180 people,” he said. -he declares. “Imagine an artist coming down to a paid show and selling 150 to 170 tickets and paying for his accommodation and everything, then he has to come to a venue that can only sell 90.” The club made the decision at a board meeting on Wednesday morning. All ticket holders will be fully refunded in the coming weeks. READ ALSO: Mr Brooks said announcement would be a big loss for the club. “It gives our business a big financial boost, but it’s also a big expense for us too and with small numbers we just can’t make it work,” he said. Despite the decision, Mr Brooks said he supported the festival’s continuation and encouraged people to take advantage of the large lineup of events on offer. “If you still want to come, there are a lot of concerts in the park and concerts outside that seem to be key in these times of COVID,” he said. TCMF stakeholders and local venue owners met on Friday and announced they will continue with plans for the 50th festival. Despite the return of the one person per two square meters rule for hospitality spaces, including pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes, there are no density limits for outdoor spaces, so that the outdoor concerts in the park and the buskers will not be affected. Indoor events will be held in a safe manner against COVID, with the public encouraged to contact individual sites to see how events are impacted. The restrictions will remain in place for NSW throughout the festival, until Thursday, January 27. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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