The big opportunities keep coming for Kaitlin Butts

Don’t watch now, but we’re gonna have to stop complaining about how all the losers in the country music industry continue to criminally neglect Kaitlin Butts, and start acknowledging that she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves. for years thanks to the strength of his album 2022 What else can she do.

On July 9, Kaitlin Butts disrupted the Boys Club at the top of the Texas country by rolling into the legendary Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth wearing a sweetheart red western outfit and leaving a big impression. Butts sold some 2,000 tickets for his official headlining debut at “World’s Largest Honky Tonk”. All those guest appearances and opening sets for others have finally paid off, and now don’t be surprised if Kaitlin is part of Billy Bob’s regular rotation going forward.

“The best night of my entire career. Crying in my hotel room. I love you all,” Kaitlin said afterwards.

There are few scenes in Texas or beyond that are more legendary in country music than Billy Bob’s. But there’s one that might edge it out slightly in Nashville that you might have heard of, called The Grand Ole Opry. Elusive for Kaitlin Butts until this stage of her career, with rumors of her success at Billy Bob’s and beyond, the Opry invited Ms Butts to make her official debut on November 5.

A huge opportunity for Oklahoma native Kaitlin learned the news on Monday after her big debut with Billy Bob, and announced it Monday (8-1).

And perhaps a little less glamorous, but much tastier, Kaitlin Butts is also Texas Roadhouse Artist of the Month, meaning she’s featured on monitors at the restaurant’s 637 locations, with her song “Marfa Lights.” , which has racked up over 2 million streams on Spotify alone.

Kaitlin will also make her headlining debut at Helotes, Texas at Floore’s Country Store on August 12, and will be touring the Pacific Northwest next week. Best to go out and see her in intimate venues when you can, because she won’t be Texoma music’s best kept secret for long.

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