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The Chairs – “Gary’s Philosophy”

Artist: The Chairs

Plate: «Gary’s Philosophy» (1997)

Record Company: Mayonnaise Records

In the autumn of 1996 I lived in Oslo and tried to study at Blindern. Somewhat randomly I ended up at a concert at a luguber place on Grünerløkka. The band has The Chairs and was clearly from Stavanger.

I also saw the drummer (Janka) in the plate shop in Pedersgaten. He was a thin little guy – but played hard. Otherwise, the band consisted of a toy on guitar and song (Vidar) and a powerful guy with bass guitar bass (Gary). I immediately fell for the music – lovely pop melodies – but with good doses fuzz and futt.

After Christmas my career at Blindern was over and I had moved to Stavanger. I found The Cairs again on Cement, – now they had printed their debut album on their own company (Majones Records), yellow with black writing and a hard contrast image. It had the sounding name “Gary’s Philosophy” and that was because Gary had paid for the printing of the record. I bought my items. at Kippers in Pedersgaten and the seaman “Christopher Bell” also followed.

“Gary’s Philosophy” was quickly called on one of my favorites, and it’s still. I’ve been waiting for the record industry to roll over it every year and publish a CD version – like singles as a bonus track – but for some reason this has not happened yet (Kippers, CCAP, what do you think?) . Tragic – it’s really a rock bite from the oil capital. Fuzz guitar pop – brilliant melodies, tough performed with proper rock sound.