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Toy Savoy – “Clean Floors”

Artist: Toy Savoy

Let: Clean Floors (2017)

Record company: Ikenai! Records

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I’ve said it before, and say it again: they have something going on in the Trondheim tracts. And then I do not think primarily about the primary industry. Nope. In the last few years there has been a flow of interesting bands from there. And then I do not think about Åge, Motorpsycho or Tysland. I am thinking primarily of bands picked up by the finely labeled Riot Factory .

Toy Savoy sounds very loud at home at Riot Factory with its delicious, soft-psychedelic sound. I’m thinking of Panda Panda and maybe a little on Gold Celeste. They also have a bit of The Elephant Six Collective charm.

The melody line on “Clean Floors” is to die for. Vokalen has a wonderful jazzfreaking at times, as it goes down a halftone. Toy Savoy can do this with dynamics too, sometimes with hassles and breaks. Sea-minded organ breaks through the whole song. Feel good stuff this. In pure enthusiasm, I checked out Toy Savoy’s previous single, “Morning”, which is also on stream services now. Not surprisingly, it was also a must. This gang here really is not back for anyone. On the contrary. It sounds extremely habitable to be debutants.

The song is recorded in the Støy studio in Trondheim and mixed by Thomas Gregussen.