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Weserbergland – «Very Kosmich, Ganz Progisch»

Artist: Weserbergland

Album: «Sehr Kosmich, Ganz Progisch» (2017)

Record company: Apollon Records

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Ketil Vestrum Einarsen has played in the proverb band, White Willow for over 20 years, besides the fact, a little unknown ringwave in Norwegian music life for those who do not read linernotes. Vestrum Einarsen has played flute on over fifty recordings with everything from Jaga Jazzist to Motorpsycho . « Sehr Kosmich, Ganz Progisch » is his first solo album and may sound like an esoteric interrelation between the two mentioned bands paired with a hint of Mike Oldfield Anno “Tubular Bells”. Fans of Tortoise will also appreciate Weserbergland , I think. In my ears, there is more post-rock than prog-rock in this concept.

It is thus instrumental and, as the title sheds, quite prodigy, not to say crowded. The term is not so far away from The Megaphonic Thrift ‘s more synth-laden moments and Electric Eye when they let the guitars lie, but Weserbergland is possibly chopped more nerdy than the mentioned band. There are also some guitar solos on this album, a little Terje Rypdal’s ke, broad-knit 80’s cut on the blazer. We are also talking seriously long recordings here (the record has only four tracks), with sweeps resulting in this listening in inner images of spacecraft running slowly through asteroid belts.

«Sehr Kosmich, Ganz Progisch» is an ambitious piece of work. The four complex compositions have multiple soundtracks lying on top of each other and amounts of orthodox / unorthodox instruments are used on the recording. The plate is hot and quite soothing, but not over. It’s a good idea to process all the information here without getting heavy in your head. But it’s great to get rid of some simple piano songs afterwards, maybe. To relieve pressure.

An artist who calls himself Weserbergland and debuting with a disc whose name is ” Sehr Kosmich, Ganz Progisch ” can not be accused of having so many commercial legs in the body . At the same time, it should be said that this album is by no means dissuasive hardcore progete in the expression and should initially be able to appeal relatively broadly (within the limits of reasonability), but without alienating prog enthusiasts.